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Below are some of the questions that will be addressed when developing your MassHealth Eligibility Plan:


  • Am I eligible for MassHealth benefits at home or to help me pay for an Assisted Living Facility?

  • What MassHealth programs are available in a community setting?

  • Will the MassHealth I have at home pay if I need to go into an Assisted Living Facility or a Skilled Nursing Facility?

  • What expenditures are allowed when "spending down" assets to become eligible for MassHealth?

  • Can I preserve some of my assets without jeopardizing MassHealth eligibility?

MassHealth Eligibility Consultant
  • What is the maximum amount of assets that the applicant and his or her spouse can keep?

  • If I apply for MassHealth, will the state take my home?

  • How much of my monthly income will I have to pay toward my health care?

  • If I gave away assets within the past 5 years, when will I be eligible for MassHealth?

  • If I have LTC insurance, can I benefit from MassHealth coverage?

  • If I lived in another state, am I eligible to apply for MassHealth?

  • Do I need an attorney to assist me with this process?

  • How does the timing of submission affect my application?

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